Sunday, 13 April 2014

Footage of Circus Tigers!!!

As I’ve said before I am, without a doubt, a bit of an activist. I previously posted about protests at the Courtney Brother’s Circus. They harassed us and threatened us. And this year was no different; as soon as they announced the dates for Arklow we started to plan our campaign. We held peaceful protests outside the circus at the start of very single show!! As you can imagine the Circus staff weren’t very happy with that!
We had amazing support! And after last year’s success Arklow’s Town Council banned Animal act Circuses but… unfortunately that law wasn’t been formally written. So that left these horrible, inhumane abusers free to come back and bring their torture tent back to our home town. I got so very saddening footage of the tiger’s caged and very, very depressed looking. I also caught footage of the tigers returning to the truck after the show and a staff member striking one of the tigers on the hind leg when he doesn’t move fast enough. Please like and share this video of the tigers and help spread the message that this is not ok!!! And remember, every time you set foot into the big top of an animal act you are supporting cruelty.

 After one of the demonstrations a member of the circus’ staff followed me, my fiancee and her 11 year old sister to our car and tried to intimidate us. As we drove off he makes a vulgar gesture that we caught on camera!! Such a brave man to try intimidate two women and child!!


  1. So sad! It reminds me of inmates walking back to their cells in a prison.

    1. It was very scary to film!! we protested against them last year and they got very aggressive!

      It was so sad to watch!!

  2. Ugh, these kinds of stories disgust me :( I have never been to a circus nor would I ever take my children to one. I can't believe the lewd video at the end. Good for you for fighting the good fight, Louise!!!


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